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About the Cloud

Cloud-based technology has in fact been around for decades but has only recently become commercially viable for most users, due to the ongoing development of the internet.

Despite the name and the common use of the term of “virtual”, the supporting infrastructure of the Cloud is land based, housed in a safe environment and offers degrees of security that only large multinational businesses could have afforded previously.

The key behind the cloud really sits with the development of the internet and its reliability opens accessibility. With greater accessibility comes the ability for individual users to share computing resources in a safe, secure environment without any impact on confidentiality of data or system operability.

Effectively, your business server is relocated to an off-site location and someone else picks up the responsibility for managing it, upgrading it, servicing it and when necessary renewing it. The hardware is out of the way as are all the running costs that go with housing, maintaining, powering and cooling a server on-site. However there are additional benefits to cloud solutions:

  • User access is improved immensely – because the server is cloud based systems can be accessed from any location on any device where there is internet connectivity.
  • Data Security is top end – the security protocols surrounding Cloud infrastructure are  second to none.
  • Licence by choice – because the server is remote and people access from any device using Windows, Linux, OSX, Android and IOS at any time via the internet you don’t need to pay for generic licences for applications to cover all your staff. You only pay for what you use and as staff come and go you can switch on or off the licences as you choose.
  • Faster response – because you are accessing a more powerful server the response and processing time are very much quicker.

The Cloud will not only reduce your costs and improve efficiencies and accessibility, it will also help to future-proof your business. As it will enable you to be more flexible, more responsive and more robust when change is needed and we are changing at an ever increasing rate.

7rCloud is an advanced Cloud solution running private servers providing additional benefits to those delivered via generic providers.