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99.9% Uptime, Data Security, Pay-As-You-Use


7r Group’s well established support infrastructure provides you with a unique product developed specifically for the Travel Industry, 7rDesktop.

7r Group has developed a Desktop solution with all major GDS providers and individual back office providers to ensure that the solution will be compatible with the majority of agency requirements.

7rDesktop utilises cloud-based technology to effectively outsource your server hardware requirements and provides a faster, more responsive operating platform for your GDS, back office and ancillary systems. As cloud-based solutions are internet orientated this provides a whole new approach to system accessibility, business continuity and licence management.

The key benefit is having your staff able to access 7rDesktop from the office, from home, from a client’s office or even whilst they are away. This will not only improve response times and service levels, but will also help build those valuable relationships and support problem solving.

Data and system integrity are secure as 7rDesktop provides a higher level of security than most businesses can afford on a stand-alone basis or via a generic cloud provider

In addition to the delivery benefits, 7rDesktop provides a raft of cost savings. Not only in the elimination of all server related hardware costs but also in the ongoing management of ancillary licences and applications. Only pay for the licences that you use and more importantly the ones you need when you need them with MS upgrades to the latest versions included at no extra cost

7rDesktop will “Future-Proof” your business, providing flexibility to adapt your operating platform to meet the changes of your business – adapt quickly and effectively.

Features of 7rDesktop:

  • Enables staff to access 7rDesktop from any device using Windows, Linux, OSX, Android and iOS at any time via the internet.
  • Compatible with most industry systems – All major GDS providers, Back Office providers, Evolvi etc. etc.
  • Manage software licences when you need them and by individual user
  • Eliminate server running costs – Depreciation, housing, power, cooling, maintenance.
  • Add additional users or server capacity without investing in new hardware
  • Faster processing speed and responsiveness
  • ISO and PCI compliant data security
  • Reduce system downtime


“Moving to 7rDesktop was the best IT decision I have made in 21 years of business and I don’t know now how we’d work without it. With no need to have onsite IT support, it has also removed a major cost from our P&L” – Scott Pawley, Global Travel Management


“7rDesktop has allowed us to create one team no matter where in the world our offices may be. Our offices in the UK, Ireland, Malta and the Philippines all work on the same files and the same systems. It makes us one Company” – David Thompson, Marine Travel


“Thanks to 7rDesktop our recent office move was just a case of moving our desks! As long as we have an internet connection, our office can be set up anywhere. If we ever do have an issue, the Support Desk can usually fix it on the first call.” Kelly Margetts, Echelon Travel


“As we continue to grow, 7rDesktop grows with us. Making sure we stay ahead of the curve and give our clients the service they deserve. Partnering with 7r Group gives me reassurance that we have future proofed the business.” Martin Pearce, Omega Travel


“We can now all work from anywhere… even 30,000 feet! Was a perfect solution when snow meant that the main office had to close. This meant our customers had no break in the level of service they are used to. Perfect Business Continuity.” Sarah Wilson, Ace Travel Management


“We now know that all of our tam are working on the latest versions of the tools we need. Everyone is updated in one go and in a cost effective manner… no-one feels left out any more! This enables us to deploy the latest technology and products, in the speediest manner, to our customers and partners” Jonathan Harridge, Harridge Group

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